Tuesday, 17 April 2012

My Hobbies, Interests and Hates

I have several Hobbies and Interests. They have developed over the years of my life. Some rather macho, Others quite obviously feminine.

I decided to list a few of the things that have been a part of my life so far. I've categorised them as follows:

  • Hobbies - Things i actively take part in, That i actually do in real life. 
  • Interests - These are things i think about often, but haven't put into action (yet!). 
  • Dis-Interests - Things that i used to do, but now i either don't do, or i don't enjoy. Dare i say these are 'Hates?' 
I doubt this will be interesting to most of you (unless you suddenly realise that we share common interests), I'm writing some of them down here because i am quite inexplicably making lists of things recently... Maybe this is a new 'hobby'? :)


Making music -  Playing my Guitars or Piano, I've been playing in bands and for fun since i was 4 years old.

Internet 'stuff' - I actually enjoy link-hopping on the internet, I like to read about random new things and find this a fun way to pass time, especially on YouTube.

Yes - This is me
Racing Motorbikes - I know its not traditionally a very femme thing to do, and i haven't done it in a while, But i have my R1 ready to go if i ever decide to go back on the track, I've also kept up to date with my ACU license, just in case.

Colouring In - I like to do this with my iPad, and in real life with actual books and pens. I know its sad but i do!

Movies - Love watching films. i used to hate going to the cinema because the sound wasn't quite right, or the projectors were slightly out of alignment and i would notice these things and it would bug the hell out of me. But now i like the new Odeon8000 or Showcase Sony4k screens, they look and sound so good. Nothing like immersing yourself in the whole experience. (Although 3D, in my opinion, still isn't running at a high enough frame rate to eliminate flickering. It bugs me and detracts from a film rather than enhances it. So i won't bother with 3D until we start running cinemas at 120fps or higher.

Photography - I don't own an expensive camera, most of my shots are taken on my blackberry, they are normally spur of the moment type photos. My friend has a mega camera, its huge, its got a ridiculous amount of pixels and every photo is a huge file size. Pointless for what i need, everything i take photos of usually end up on the interweb and so optimised files sizes of less than 1mb are ideal. My BB takes fine photo's. Its something fun, and i don't take it too seriously.

Sweets - Yummy, Yummy Sweets! The sort that your mum told you would give you fillings. The sort that make you feel sick after just half a bag. My favourites include Maom, Crunchie bars and Jelly Babies. 


Travelling - I know as part of my job i get to travel the world on other people's budgets, Im not really talking about this. I like the idea of packing everything into a luxury motorhome and hitting the road for several months. (Maybe i am descended from Gypsies?).

Cooking - I see a lot of people on television making nice food and wicked looking cakes, i would love to try it but i don't have the basics to even be able to know which bowl to use. I think this one will stay as 'untried'.

SkyDiving - Although i have a bit of a fear of heights (or should that be falling?) there is something about skydiving that makes me wanna do it. I have no idea why.

Property - Maybe its because I'm getting older, but i suddenly have a desire to start a property portfolio. Maybe its because i have seen one to many episodes of 'Homes under the Hammer'. I believe that buying property wisely could be a better investment than a traditional pension, depending on where, when and what you purchase. 


Believe it or not,  This is me too 
DIY - I now hate this with a passion. I used to think it was great to fit my own kitchen, look at all the money i've saved. Nowadays i earn enough to be able to employ people to do these things for me. I still have the knowledge on how to fit a garage roof, or lay a carpet, or wire extra sockets etc. I just choose not to do any of it.

Engines - I have several of them, they are attached to the various, cars, bikes and vans i own. I used to do the basic servicing on them myself, like oil changes, filters, brakes etc. Now i don't wanna get my hands dirty and would rather pay someone else.

PC's - Thats right, a controversial one. I have been using Apple Mac's since 2008 and left PC's behind as a distant memory. I have never ever used Windows Vista or Windows 7. I have no desire to go back to loading drivers in every time i need to plug something in. I don't want to update my computer every 5days to stop viruses and malware etc.

Vegatables - I just don't understand them. They are bland. They don't look nice, You always need to eat them with something else because on their own they are as welcome as a Paedophile at Pontins. I can just about manage garden peas and the yearly 'xmas brussel sprout'. Any other vegetables can keep on jogging... Not interested!


  1. PS... What do you think of the new layout to this blog? Had you even noticed lol?


  2. I'm with you on the vegetables thing. Thats what food eats isnt it? ;o)
    and stop moving the furniture around, Im easily disorientated. ;oD
    (it looks fine Sam.)

  3. Cool post. It's interesting to see what's going on inside - so to speak. I did notice the new format, I just couldn't be bothered to comment. Oh wait. Rats ;-)

    Colouring in...

    Just the other day, there was an on-line article stating that unlike children, adults rarely draw, paint or colour in just for the fun of it. Guilty pleasure or not, I think it's a nice way to spend a bit of time concentrating on something.

    I don't want to update my computer every 5days to stop viruses and malware etc.

    Virus writers target the larger eco systems. As Mac, Android and Linux devices pick up in ownership, so too will the malware authors change their tactics. The joys of the security arms race eh? :-)

    (Maybe i am descended from Gypsies?)

    "Do you want some pegs, Dave?" ;-)


    I would agree, but the one thing that's helped me and Mrs Jones shift the pounds has been increasing the amount of vegetables we're eating. Oddly, I feel less sluggish and more with it now we've changed our diets. Not that I didn't have a fantastic fry up the other day :-P

  4. Just popped over from Paula's blog. I've always been a mac user but have a small netbook for travelling, which I hate. Give me a mac any day. And they look beautiful too.

  5. Ah a fellow petrol head, was out looking at bikes this past weekend but more of an off roader here (can crash at lower speeds). Motor racing is one persistent interest for me but like you the interest in tinkering with engines, pc's etc is waning as i progress down this road in life. Very strange but nothing is forever and people do change.